Cumberland United Methodist Church
Monday, February 08, 2016
Where Discipleship Comes Alive!
 219 North Muessing Street~Indianapolis, IN  46229 ~ 317.894.3454

Welcome to Cumberland United Methodist Church!


We invite you to join us for worship.  
Our Sunday morning schedule is:

 9:00AM Sunday School
10:00AM Worship

Cumberland UMC realizes our part in the community and we strive to reach out to those who need
help, who need us, who need the Lord.  We want to be a light for the area to see and cause others to seek to be a part of the Lord's family as we give glory to God, the Father, Jesus Christ, His Son and The Holy Spirit.


We believe in the Words of the Bible and glorify God through the reading of His Word each Sunday as we hear a message of enlightenment and apply the Word to our lives.

We are a mission oriented church, trying to spread the Gospel and help those in need not just in our community, but in our nation and around the world. Every other year we take a mission trip to an area in need of assistance.


We would be blessed by your presence this Sunday!

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